Psalms 98:4 (KJV)

"Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise."

The hands that hung the stars, they now bear my scars.

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Courrier - Paper Ghost

The song that got me hooked onto Courrier (Amazing lyrics, amazing music) but wow look at that blue sparkle doozy and divided by 13 amp with the light up logo!


nutella peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies: recipe here

Finally caved in and bought the two books I’ve been wanting to read for awhile. Stoked for my new reads to come in (: 


Jon Foreman - Learning to Breathe

In support of the “Filling Lungs with Love” event for Cystic Fibrosis

One of my favourite songs ever

It Means Nothing - Stereophonics 

Did we lose ourself again?
Did we take in what’s been said?
Did we take the time to breathe
All the things we said we’d be?

And we bury heads in sand
But my futures in my hands
It means nothing
It means nothing

You can find yourself a God
Believe in which one you want
'Cause they'll love you all the same
And just go by different names

And you fly your flag today
And your pride and just ashamed
It means nothing
It means nothing
It means nothing
It means nothing
It means nothing

If I haven’t got you

When the sun sets in the sky
You’re the apple of my eye
If the bomb goes off again
In my brain around the train

And I hope that I’m with you
'Cause I won't know what to do
It means nothing

If I haven’t got you
If I haven’t got you, you

It means nothing

One of my favourite songs by stereophonics, written after the London bombings back in 2005. 

So I’ve been having a pensive couple of weeks/month and have been kinda overwhelmed with everything going on.

Seeing what has happened in the world recently really just broke my heart. These people go, so suddenly. No warning. Imagine what their loved ones go through, imagine what happens to the people they leave behind. The children they leave behind. 

Imagine the people that never get to say bye to their parents, or never even get the chance to simply tell them that they love them. Think of all the words unsaid. 

Then you think about (or have weird conversations about) whether or not you die before you hit the ground. And then my much depleted scientific knowledge fails to explain anything. And then there’s still an overwhelming sense of loss. Because of one thing. How many of these people don’t know Jesus. How many of these people haven’t had the opportunity to get to know a God so amazing, so loving, so merciful and so true. How many of these people won’t be stepping into Heaven for all eternity? 

Our work is cut out for us, this world needs Jesus. But who’s willing to sacrifice and give of yourself to share the joy of your salvation?